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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Lomas-Anderson Residence

The house was constructed in August 1898 by a local builder from Senora for a Mr. John Hugh MacDonald. When Mr. MacDonald passed away the property remained vacant for many years.

Goduto Residence

The Goduto home features the painted artwork of Alfred Goduto, an Italian immigrant who came to live and work in Sydney, NS Canada in 1956. The modest home hosts two elaborately painted rooms, the front left parlour and the dinning room.

The dining room ceiling and walls were painted in 1971 and the parlour was painted approximately two years later.

Quinn House

This property was sold in 1929 to George K. Matter, father of the previous owner Charlotte Matter. Mrs. Matter's father bought the house from Senator Owen Quinn, son of Felix P. Quinn, a native Irishman and manufacturer of Ginger Beer in Halifax.

St. Patrick's Church

Catalogue info: Construction for St. Patrick's Church was begun in 1883 and the official opening took place in 1885. The stencilling, marbleizing and sponging was not applied until 1908 by the firm Rambusch Decorating Company of New York.


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