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Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia

Notre Dame de L'Asomption

Gillis house

Catalogue info: Murals (two) and stencilled wall in the first floor right back room, Walter William Hess (b. 1910) 1952. Oil on wood. When the murals were painted, the house was owned by Angus William Gillis. He died in 1977 and the house was sold to the present owners. The house has since been unoccupied and the owners donated two murals to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia.

St. Alphonse de Clare

St. Alphonse de Clare Roman Catholic Church

Ryba Residence

Catalogue info: In 1927 Semen Yaroslawsky (1899-1966) arrived in Sydney from the Ukraine, Mr. Yaroslawsky worked in the steel plant but was unable to earn enough money to bring his wife and two young daughters to Canada. His wife died in 1942 and in 1947 one daughter joined him here. Some of the landscapes are Canadian while others are distinctly European.

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Catalogue info: Holy Trinity Church was built around 1900 to replace and older building. The frame structure is approximately 9.0x15.0m. Free-hand ceiling, chancel, circa 1940 by Mr. Gottschall and son. Oil on wood. Stencilled and marbleized walls, nave and chancel, circa 1940. Oil on plaster.

Maude Lewis residence

Catalogue info: The house is now on permanent loan to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia following acquisition by the Province of Nova Scotia for the Heritage collection. Free-hand door, inside front door circa 1938 by Maud(e) Lewis. Oil on wood. Conservation Treatment: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Maud(e) Dowley was born in Ohio, Yarmouth County, in 1903 where her father was a harness maker.

MacNamara residence

Catalogue info: Following the removal of the murals in the 1970s by the local historical society, the house burned to the ground. Mural in the kitchen circa 1930, oil on wood. This is one of a set of seven murals that Peter Cass painted on the kitchen walls for his friends the MacNamaras. Cass was an itinerant artist about whom little is known.

Masonic Lodge

Catalogue info: The building dates to 1874. Before it was acquired by the Charity Lodge in 1919 it was a factory producing oil clothes used by loca fishermen. The lodge added the entry porch. Murals (four) all walls, 1920-31 Canon Edward Alexander Harris (d. 1931), watercolour on plaster. The decorations were begun in 1920.

Starratt residence

Catalogue info: the house was built by Reuben Starratt (b. 1849), father-in-law of the present owner. Murals (two), Haven of Rest and one untitled in the first-floor hallway, oil on plaster. Mural Dearest Spot on Earth, first-floor hallway, oil on paper applied directly to the wall. Artist Ed Siske (b. 1880) circa 1925.

Pictou Opera House

Catalogue info: In 1915 the Fairyland Theatre was remodelled and renamed the Pictou Opera House.


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