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St. Alphonse de Clare

St. Alphonse de Clare

St. Alphonse de Clare Roman Catholic Church
Catalogue info: Murals (seven) chancel painted by Pius LeBlanc, 1946. Oil on plaster. Pius LeBlanc was born July 2, 1895 in Little Brook, Digby County. In 1912 he went to work in Little Brook for Stephano Genett, an Italian craftsman and painter from whom he learned the technique of marbleising. In 1924 he attended classes at Alandale Studios, Copeley Square, Boston and received diplomas in commercial illustrating (1926) and oil painting (1927). He returned to Little Brook in 1932 and in 1946 he was commissioned by the priests of St. Alphonse to paint the murals.

St Alphonse



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Construction Date: ??-??-1921
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Roman Catholic Diocese Yarmouth