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Pictou Opera House

Pictou Opera House

Catalogue info: In 1915 the Fairyland Theatre was remodelled and renamed the Pictou Opera House. An article in the Pictou Advocate of November 13, 1915 relates the following: "On Monday night (November 15) the Klark-Urban Company, one of the best stock companies that travels these provinces, will have the honour of opening the theatre, or opera house, as we understand it is to be called in future, in the well known play Within the Law." The building now houses the Hindi Clothing Company and the original single storey with high ceilings has been converted into a two storey building (arch intact in storage room) Free-hand ceiling and proscenium arch in the auditorium painted by Charles MacKenzie (1846-1935), 1915. Oil on plaster. The proscenium arch is decorated with a design of garlands of roses, scrolls and a central coat of arms. The ceiling has a central rosette wtih acanthus leaves and corner decorations of the same leaves. "The decorating of the theatre and all the scenery was done by that master artist Mr. Charles MacKenzie of Lyon's Brook and they do him credit. The painting of the whole theatre is in perfect taste, giving a strong note of coziness." Pictou Advocate, November 13, 1915.



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Clothing Company Hindi