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Beaton Residence

Catalogue info: Mabou Mines was settled by Catholic Scots who came to Cape Breton via Prince Edward Island in the early 1800s. The land on which this house is built was granted to Finlay Beaton who arrived in Mabou Mines in 1809. Although it is uncertain when the house was built, the original chimney opening to two fireplaces indicates a building date prior to 1840.

Smith-Nickerson Residence

Catalogue info: It has be speculated that this house was built in 1825 for or by Samuel Smith Jr., a local fisherman and merchant. In 1853 Smith's daughter Deborah Ann married Captain William Nickerson and took up residence in the house.

McGoldrick Residence

McGoldrick Residence (1850 House): This neo Gothic merchant home (formerly known as 1850 House) was built in the 1850s in a prominent lot in the shipbuilding town of Canning, NS.

St. John's Parish Hall

The original establishment, a five-bay, hipped roof structure with a central main door facing St. John's Church square, was built c. 1775 as the first Lunenburg Courthouse. By 1890, the Court House had become run down and the Chief Justice of the time declared he would not hold court unless the building was repaired.

St. John's Anglican Church

The original church on this site was consecrated in July 1850 (construction 1847-1850). It was funded in part by honourable Nova Scotians H.H. Cogswell and J. Inglis Haliburton, Esquire.

Bruhm Residence

The house was built sometime between 1830-1840. The house was put on a new foundation. There are examples of wood graining in the parlour. Similar graining can also be found in the United Church. Stencils were used to decoratively paint the mantel. The house is unaltered (c.1979).

McKenzie-Sutherland Residence

Catalogue info: The house was built around 1860-65 for John McKenzie, a prosperous merchant in River John. The foundation of the home is comprised of quarried stone. John (1831-1915) married Maria Archibald (1837-1868) on December 5th, 1861. They had two daughters, Bessie Archibald and Mary Olivia. The house remained in the McKenzie-Sutherland family until 1983.

Orr Residence

House features two painted surfaces. The painted horse is in the living room and the painted ship is in the corridor. Both were painted by itinerant artist, Irishman Charlie Doyle, circa 1907.

St. John's Anglican Church

St. John's Anglican Church is the second oldest Anglican Church in Canada. This 'Carpenter Gothic' church, originally a Georgian style building, was built in 1754 when the Lords of Trade and Plantations (British colonial government administrators) granted 476 Pounds for its construction. The timbers arrived from Boston on an anon of war. The builder was Conrad Lord, son of U.E Loyalist.

Avonfield Farm

The Mounce home was built by Robert H. Caravan, a contractor from Windsor, NS in 1909/10.

The late Victorian mansion was built for newlyweds Thomas A. Mounce and Annie Mosher, married in 1909. The pair were both from notable families that had grown and prospered in the local shipbuilding industry in Hants County.


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