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Smith-Nickerson Residence

Smith-Nickerson Residence

Catalogue info: It has be speculated that this house was built in 1825 for or by Samuel Smith Jr., a local fisherman and merchant. In 1853 Smith's daughter Deborah Ann married Captain William Nickerson and took up residence in the house. The home's parlour was host to a free-hand painted floor (oil on softwood c.1840) which is attributed to Thomas Crowell or Thomas Jones, two active local painters at the time. In October 1985 the floor was removed from the house and donated to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. In 18th and 19th century Nova Scotia, wood floors were often painted. In the first half of the 19th century woven carpets became quite fashionable. When unobtainable, these were imitated with the skilful application of paint to softwood floors. Few painted floors remain today.



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