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Avonfield Farm

Avonfield Farm

The Mounce home was built by Robert H. Caravan, a contractor from Windsor, NS in 1909/10.

The late Victorian mansion was built for newlyweds Thomas A. Mounce and Annie Mosher, married in 1909. The pair were both from notable families that had grown and prospered in the local shipbuilding industry in Hants County.

Historically, the Mounces were originally from Flanders before they migrated to Rhode Island, USA. Thomas Mounce was the third generation of Mounces in Canada. Grandfather Richard Mounce arrived in the country in 1790 and was preceded by his son Captain George Mounce.

In 1910, Thomas and Annie returned from their honeymoon to settle in their new home. Unfortunately, Annie died five years later. Thomas Mounce remained in the Avondale home until his death in 1960.

After his passing, the home remained vacant for many years until it was acquired by family member Kenneth Mounce in 1986.

Ken Mounce, the current owner, is the grandson of Captain George Mounce and the uncle of Thomas Mounce. Upon acquiring the large and then gravely dilapidated property, Mr. Mouce undertook the daunting task of restoring his historic family home.

In the course of two years the late Victorian mansion was brought to new life while great care was taken to restore the historical decorative painted surfaces. Most rooms have been skilfully restored, with the exception of the second floor bathroom in which the artwork is entirely original.

All the original art work was completed in 1910 by reputable artist George Lyons.+++

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Construction Date: ??-??-1910 Builder Name: Robert H. Caravan
Current Owner: 
Kenneth Mounce