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Masonic Lodge

Catalogue info: The building dates to 1874. Before it was acquired by the Charity Lodge in 1919 it was a factory producing oil clothes used by loca fishermen. The lodge added the entry porch. Murals (four) all walls, 1920-31 Canon Edward Alexander Harris (d. 1931), watercolour on plaster. The decorations were begun in 1920.

Pictou Opera House

Catalogue info: In 1915 the Fairyland Theatre was remodelled and renamed the Pictou Opera House.

Mosely Residence

Catalogue info: Free-hand wall frieze left front room on the first floor painted by John Oswald Johnson (circa 1880-1964), 1912-13. Oil on plaster. John Oswald Johnson was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne circa 1880. He attended a school for commerical art and design, winning a national medal for success in art.

Hatfield Residence

This home features wood grained doors (oil on wood) in the first floor hallway which were painted by Melbourne Surette (1870-1960) circa 1900. The three hallway doors are decorated in dark yellow (panels) and dark maroon (frame and door frame). The free-hand ceiling (oil on tin) in the left back room on the first floor was also painted by Surette circa 1900.

Ste Anne Church

Ste Anne du Ruisseau Roman Catholic Church

Creery residence

Catalogue info: House built in 1899 for Charles Langille then passed to his son Russell (1903-1982).

The Hillsdale House

The 25 room Italiante mansion known as the Hillsdale House was built in 1859 for Susan Forbes Foster on land that had been the exercising ground for the garrison.

Charles MacDonald House

Charles MacDonald Concrete House Museum

Connely Residence

Catalogue info: The house was built in 1894 for Rufus Curry a shipbuilder and Mayor of Windsor from 1899-1900. It is a lavish Italiante construction. The home features a free-hand wall frieze (oil on plaster), raised and painted stuccowork (oil and stucco on plaster), and free-hand walls (oil and stucco on plaster). The artwork was created by George Lyons in 1895

Hantsport Centre

Hantsport Memorial Community Centre


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