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Ste Anne Church

Ste Anne Church

Ste Anne du Ruisseau Roman Catholic Church

Catalogue info: Originally the village was named Eel Brook, which was changed in 1950 to Ste Anne du Ruisseau, the name of the parish. The first Roman Catholic church in Yarmouth County was established at Eel Brook in 1784 by the Abbe Sigogne. This building was replaced by a larger one, completed in 1808 and which was destroyed by fire March 23, 1900. Plans were immediately underway for a new church, and the new building was ready for services for the Christmas of 1900. Stencilled ceiling in the nave, artist unknown, 1900. Oil on wood. Free-hand walls and ceiling in the chancel, painted by Jacob L. Bauvelt, 1915. Oil on wood. Sixteen free-standing pillars support the ceiling of tongue-and-groove boards stencilled with religious symbols. In 1915, Blauvelt was commissioned to paint the chancel with religious scenes. McAlpine's Nova Scotia Directory for 1914-15 lists Blauvelt as a professional painter living in Tusket, Yarmouth County.




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Mass Hours Saturday 7:30pm-8:30pm Sunday 9:30am-10:30am Daily guided tours from mid-May to mid-August. Phone: 902-648-2315 Fax: 902-648-2342

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PO BOX 700 Ste Anne du Ruisseau Nova Scotia B0W 2X0
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Construction Date: ??-??-1900 Builder Name: Ambroise Pottier
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Roman Catholic Diocese Yarmouth