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Mosely Residence

Mosely Residence

Catalogue info: Free-hand wall frieze left front room on the first floor painted by John Oswald Johnson (circa 1880-1964), 1912-13. Oil on plaster. John Oswald Johnson was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne circa 1880. He attended a school for commerical art and design, winning a national medal for success in art. He immigrated to Canada in 1902, living first in the West and subsequently moving to Tidnish Bridge. In 1910, Jeffrey Farnol, a writer of romantic historical novels, published The Broad Highway. It is the plot of this novel that is painted in a contrinuous frieze around the room. Johnson also painted a triptych in the United churches at Fenwick and Nappan, both in Cumberland County.

Tidnish Bridge


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David Mosely