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Church of Chebogue

Church of Chebogue

The First Congregational Church of Chebogue was established in 1766. This building is the third incarnation of the church and the second on this location. The first building was built a short distance away in 1776 and was called the Chebogue Meeting House. The second church was built on this site in 1820. The current church was built in 1860 and it was designated a heritage property of the Municipality of Yarmouth that same year. In 1925 the church became a member of the United Church of Canada. Unfortunately, the church was decommissioned in 1967. At this time, local historian Fran Celia Nagle, lobbied to ensure the continued use of the historic church. As a result, a board of trustees was established in order to look after the establishment. Today, trustee members include David Sollows, Pat Mackenzie, Gary and Judi Archibald and Wilfred Allen. The church now holds three services per year: a Christmas service, an Easter Sunday service, and a service of memory of the establishment of the first congregational church of Chebogue.

Two years ago, members of the board of trustees discovered stencilling on the walls while scraping away at chipped paint. A section, approximately seven feet by four feet, was unveiled. The painted surface, which sits above the chair rail, features a green background with a stencilled floral scroll in light green. There appears to be another painted surface below this decorative layer. Hints of violet and red hues are visible. Attempts have not been made to uncover the potential artwork below as the decorative painting which is now exposed would be lost. The painted surface of the exposed section has recently been varnished. Another section featuring the same motif was discovered accidentally when a shelf fell from the left corner of the altar wall. The date of the artwork, as well as the artist who created it, remain unknown. Trustee Judi Archibald, dug up a few old photographs of the church which she presumes date to the early 1940s. These photographs show some of the painted work which once adorned the west wall of the church.



Property Type:

Herititage Designation:

Reason(s) for Designation: 

Designated a heritage property of the Municipality of Yarmouth in 1860.


Full Address: 
Chebogue Point Road Town Point Road Corner Chebogue Point Nova Scotia
Geographic Location: 

Latitude: 43.7872 Longitude: -66.1004

Construction Details: 
Construction Date: ??-??-1860
Current Owner: 
Canada United Church