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United Baptist Church

Church houses marbleized columns. Dorothy Outhouse (902) 839-2068

United Church

Wall near stairs features painted marbleization and decorative scrolls. The artwork once adorned the entire church. Unfortunately, most all of the painted surfaces were removed and/or worked over due to their poor condition. The painted wall that remain is in great need of conservation. Parishioners: Sheila and Neil Robart (902) 757-3211.

St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's Church (Eglise Ste. Marie)

Church of Chebogue

The First Congregational Church of Chebogue was established in 1766. This building is the third incarnation of the church and the second on this location. The first building was built a short distance away in 1776 and was called the Chebogue Meeting House. The second church was built on this site in 1820.

Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church was built atop a hill overlooking Bras D’Or Lake in 1891. It opened its doors to local Christians on November 8 of the same year. Two local painters, both unknown, painted the interior walls and ceiling sometime in the 1940s. The arched ceiling is adorned with oval medallions depicting various church symbols such as the chalice and the cross.

St. Peter's Parish Hall

Built in 1954, St Peter’s Parish Hall features a painted mural depicting the local landscape. The work was painted by local artist Thomas Gerrior. The mural adorns the wall directly behind the stage and was painted in house paint over five plywood panels. The current painting covers the original mural, painted earlier by the same artist and covered up when the wall was replaced.

Holy Ghost Ukrainian

The original Holy Ghost Ukrainian Catholic Church was built in 1911 and opened a year later. The building was devastated by fire in 1932 and all was lost save a few charred beams and the pews, which were later painted in faux wood grain.

Notre Dame de L'Asomption

St. Alphonse de Clare

St. Alphonse de Clare Roman Catholic Church

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Catalogue info: Holy Trinity Church was built around 1900 to replace and older building. The frame structure is approximately 9.0x15.0m. Free-hand ceiling, chancel, circa 1940 by Mr. Gottschall and son. Oil on wood. Stencilled and marbleized walls, nave and chancel, circa 1940. Oil on plaster.


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