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Yarmouth County

Yarmouth County


Historical painted surfaces in the backyard barn. Contact (902) 648-2116.

Church of Chebogue

The First Congregational Church of Chebogue was established in 1766. This building is the third incarnation of the church and the second on this location. The first building was built a short distance away in 1776 and was called the Chebogue Meeting House. The second church was built on this site in 1820.

Parsons residence

This mid-19th century farmhouse features painted wood grain on mouldings as well as on door frames in both the upper and lower halls of the home. The house has undergone several renovations but none of the painted surfaces have been altered. The earliest known deed for the house dates to 1889.

Benson Residence

Catalogue info: The house, known as the Churhill Mansion, was built in the 1890s for Captain Aaron Churchill. Free-hand and stencilled walls and ceilings(oil on plaster), attributed to James Murphy (b.1870) adorn the front porch of the home. James Murphy is known to have done decorative interior painting in the Yarmouth area.

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