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Kings County

Kings County

Enman Residence

This early 19th century home features the decorative artwork of an unknown itinerant painter. The family dining room is adorned with painted panels that reference marble and granite in their composition. The panels, located above the chair rail, are framed with a faux granite borders created by method of paint stippling.

The Clockmaker's Inn

The house was built by Robert Caravan for Rufus Curry in 1894. Curry bought the land from local farmer Martin Gay Allison for $4,000. There were two small houses already on the property so Curry hired eight teams of oxen to move them to other parts of the town where they still stand today. The new Curry house was built in the Second Empire (French) style at a cost of $29,000.

Clem residence

This house was built in 1953 by Reg and Joyce Stevens for their family. They lived in the house until 1978 when they sold the house to Mr. Stevens nephew Reg and his wife Carmine, who own the house today.

Charles MacDonald House

Charles MacDonald Concrete House Museum

McGoldrick Residence

McGoldrick Residence (1850 House): This neo Gothic merchant home (formerly known as 1850 House) was built in the 1850s in a prominent lot in the shipbuilding town of Canning, NS.

Blomidon Lodge/Inn

Built in 1880 for Rufus Burgess Senior, a shipbuilder. The stairs and banister are of made of Mahogany from Honduras. There is a painting of a shipwreck under the mouth of the stairs. Rufus Junior lost the property in a poker game to a Mr. Harris. The lodge is now an Inn.

Corey residence

This late Victorian home, complete with steep gables and ornate gingerbread trim, was constructed c. 1860 by shipbuilder Henry Porter.

The Porter Residence

The oak house was built c. 1920. The entire house has decoratively painted walls. This work was done c. 1935 by a German artist named Goestschel (sic) who claimed to have been to art school with Hitler.

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