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Clem residence

Clem residence

This house was built in 1953 by Reg and Joyce Stevens for their family. They lived in the house until 1978 when they sold the house to Mr. Stevens nephew Reg and his wife Carmine, who own the house today. In the late 1960s, the elder Reg had local artist Rossey Parks paint a landscape mural on the west wall of the living room as a birthday present to his wife, who was at work as a teacher while the work was done. The artist used house paint on plaster. The mural depicts the shoreline of the village, including the French Cross monument perched on a hill overlooking Minas Basin.

The monument is a replica of the original cross erected by the group of Acadian who spent the winter of 1755 there after being expelled from Grand Pre. Many of them did not live through it. They called the town French Cross. After the remaining Acadians were brought across the bay, James Morden, employed in the military in Halifax was granted the land by the crown and changed the name.




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Construction Date: ??-??-1953 Builder Name: Reg and Joyce Stevens
Current Owner: 
Reg & Carmine Stevens