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Enman Residence

Enman Residence

This early 19th century home features the decorative artwork of an unknown itinerant painter. The family dining room is adorned with painted panels that reference marble and granite in their composition. The panels, located above the chair rail, are framed with a faux granite borders created by method of paint stippling. These frames encase the marbleization work (green veins over yellow and red) and serve to emphasize the relationship between the differing textures. In addition, the front parlour hosts painted surfaces below the chair rail that depict alternating striped panels, also created by paint stippling. The current owners are considering painting over the artwork in the parlour as there is extensive damage caused by varying temperatures over the years.

The actual date and original owner of the home are unknown. Jennie, Steve and Jared Enman, the current owners, inherited the house from Jennie`s parents, Carl and Mozelle Robinson, in 2003. Carl Robinson, who lived in the home with his wife from 1976 to 2003, had inherited the home from his mother, Jennie Howard Robinson (d.1973). Mrs Jennie Howard Robinson purchased the home sometime in the 1920`s and, as such, she is the earliest known owner of the home. It should be noted that the property sat vacant between owners for a number of years. Consequently, some of the architectural artwork was damaged due to the unregulated temperatures.

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Jared Enman