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Corey residence

Corey residence

This late Victorian home, complete with steep gables and ornate gingerbread trim, was constructed c. 1860 by shipbuilder Henry Porter.

Little is known of the original or subsequent owners. Oral history dictates that the home passed through the hands of many different owners throughout the early twentieth century. It is also speculated that the painted surfaces in the home, the marbleized walls on the first and second floors, were discovered anew during the years following the great depression.

Ms. Karen Corey, the current owner, purchased the property in 1981. Since, minor renovations have been carried out in order to maintain the home. The house features painted surfaces, artist unknown, that date back to the late nineteenth century - early twentieth century. Both the first floor and second floor halls are dramatically marbleized. The surface is divided by painted panels, although it is speculated that this design is not original and that it may in fact have been done by a previous owner. In addition, the painted yellow is not original.
Recently, Ms. Corey had to remove a large part of the painted surface located directly beneath the winding stair case. This was necessary as large pieces of plaster were crumbling down, perhaps partly due to prolonged use of the stairs. There are multiple cracks in the remaining painted surfaces which Ms. Corey is concerned about.




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Construction Details: 
Construction Date: ??-??-1860 Builder Name: Henry Porter
Current Owner: 
Karen Corey