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Creery residence

Catalogue info: House built in 1899 for Charles Langille then passed to his son Russell (1903-1982).

Perry Residence

Catalogue info: In 1880 William Allan Perry had this vernacular neo-gothic house built, and sold it to Wylie Perry in either 1924 of 1926. Originally on the first floor the house had a parlour with a kitchen behind it. Later owners have added a bedroom and bathroom. The house hosts a free-hand painted ceiling and a stencilled ceiling (oil on plaster c.1900). The artwork is attributed to a Mr.

Connely Residence

Catalogue info: The house was built in 1894 for Rufus Curry a shipbuilder and Mayor of Windsor from 1899-1900. It is a lavish Italiante construction. The home features a free-hand wall frieze (oil on plaster), raised and painted stuccowork (oil and stucco on plaster), and free-hand walls (oil and stucco on plaster). The artwork was created by George Lyons in 1895

Benson Residence

Catalogue info: The house, known as the Churhill Mansion, was built in the 1890s for Captain Aaron Churchill. Free-hand and stencilled walls and ceilings(oil on plaster), attributed to James Murphy (b.1870) adorn the front porch of the home. James Murphy is known to have done decorative interior painting in the Yarmouth area.

South Williamston Home

Catalogue info: In 1860 John Schaffner (1796-1874) bought a large property in South Williamston and shortly thereafter built a large double house: one side for him and his wife, the other for his son William Judson Schaffner and his family. The central front door opens onto a hall from which each family had its own section of the house.

MacPherson Residence

Catalogue info: This Cape Cod style house was built by Ewan MacKinnon about 1825. The house featured two marbleized mantle pieces (oil on plaster c. 1850) with two corresponding free-hand painted over mantles (oil on wood c.1850). One of the over mantles featured a 'tree of life' motif. The over mantle paintings and wooden mantle piece were removed from the house in 1984.

Smith-Nickerson Residence

Catalogue info: It has be speculated that this house was built in 1825 for or by Samuel Smith Jr., a local fisherman and merchant. In 1853 Smith's daughter Deborah Ann married Captain William Nickerson and took up residence in the house.

McGoldrick Residence

McGoldrick Residence (1850 House): This neo Gothic merchant home (formerly known as 1850 House) was built in the 1850s in a prominent lot in the shipbuilding town of Canning, NS.

Hardy Residence

Very little is known of this late 19th century Gabarus, Cape Breton home. The parlour features a decoratively painted ceiling. The artist is unknown although the similarities between the painted surfaces in this home and that of the Lomas-Anderson residence in Sherbrooke, NS may suggest that the artist was one of Ozia Leduc's assistants, Raoul Ducharme, Dollard Church, L.P. Martin or J.P.

Harris Residence

Little is known of this Cape Breton home. The front parlour features a painted ceiling (c. 1900). The artist is unknown but judging by the close similarities between the painted ceiling in this home and that of the Lomas-Anderson residence in Sherbrooke, NS one would assume that the artwork may have been completed by one of Ozia Leduc's assistants, Raoul Ducharme, Dollard Church, L.P.


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