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South Williamston Home

South Williamston Home

Catalogue info: In 1860 John Schaffner (1796-1874) bought a large property in South Williamston and shortly thereafter built a large double house: one side for him and his wife, the other for his son William Judson Schaffner and his family. The central front door opens onto a hall from which each family had its own section of the house. In 1867 William married distant cousin Mary Hester Croscup in Karsdale, NS. Mary's parents, William and Hannah Amelia Croscup, were the owners of the Croscup Room(c. 1848), and now at the National Gallery in Ottawa. The home hosts a free-hand over mantle, five free-hand landscape murals (oil on plaster c. 1865)and grained woodwork(oil on wood c. 1865). The existence of this interior decorative painting was unknown until 1981 when the owners stripped the room of its many layers of wallpaper. It is speculated that William had the room painted for his bride prior to their marriage in 1867.

South Williamston


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Construction Date: ??-??-1864 Builder Name: John Schaffner, William Judson Schaffner