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Hatfield Residence

This home features wood grained doors (oil on wood) in the first floor hallway which were painted by Melbourne Surette (1870-1960) circa 1900. The three hallway doors are decorated in dark yellow (panels) and dark maroon (frame and door frame). The free-hand ceiling (oil on tin) in the left back room on the first floor was also painted by Surette circa 1900.

Ste Anne Church

Ste Anne du Ruisseau Roman Catholic Church

Doucette Residence

The original house built on this site was destroyed by a fire and the home that exists today was built for Mr. Louis Pottier around 1900.

At this same time, the pressed tin ceiling was installed in the front parlour and subsequently, the recessed panels were painted by Melbourne Surette (b.1870 – d. 1960) a painter and musician from Ste. Anne du Ruisseau.

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