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Shelburne County

Shelburne County

Partridge Residence

Three painted ceilings.

Densmore Summer Residence

The Densmore's summer home, which features historical decoratively painted surfaces, was built by an unknown Loyalist man. The foundation is dated 1750 but it is believed that the remainder of the home was constructed sometime in the 1830s. The house features a hallway dressed with faux stone work and marbleization. Unfortunately, Mrs. Densmore wallpapered over the artwork in 1978.

Swansburg residence

Though the exact year of construction is unknown, the house is thought to be about 200 years old. The current owner found a variety of charcoal drawings on wall after removing nine layers of blood paint. Depicted are several gentlemen in frock coats and tall hats and a witch-like woman with a wart.

Perry Residence

Catalogue info: In 1880 William Allan Perry had this vernacular neo-gothic house built, and sold it to Wylie Perry in either 1924 of 1926. Originally on the first floor the house had a parlour with a kitchen behind it. Later owners have added a bedroom and bathroom. The house hosts a free-hand painted ceiling and a stencilled ceiling (oil on plaster c.1900). The artwork is attributed to a Mr.

Smith-Nickerson Residence

Catalogue info: It has be speculated that this house was built in 1825 for or by Samuel Smith Jr., a local fisherman and merchant. In 1853 Smith's daughter Deborah Ann married Captain William Nickerson and took up residence in the house.

Thomas-Lowe Residence

The home was built in 1905 by Elam Thomas, the great grandfather of the current owner Mrs. Barbara Lowe.

The house was a wedding gift for Elam son, Orville Thomas, and his new bride Isabelle. Upon Orville Thomas's death, Isabelle passed ownership of the home to Eva and Ugene Thomas, aunt and uncle of Mrs. Lowe.

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