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Thomas-Lowe Residence

Thomas-Lowe Residence

The home was built in 1905 by Elam Thomas, the great grandfather of the current owner Mrs. Barbara Lowe.

The house was a wedding gift for Elam son, Orville Thomas, and his new bride Isabelle. Upon Orville Thomas's death, Isabelle passed ownership of the home to Eva and Ugene Thomas, aunt and uncle of Mrs. Lowe.

The couple upgraded the home in order to successfully rent rooms to tenants in the 1950's. The house was wired for electricity and a sink and indoor plumbing was added. In 1971 the couple retained the property exclusively. In 1981 ownership was passed on to Mrs. Barbara Lowe.

Much of the home is decoratively painted. The parlour, the dining room, the first and second floor halls, a second floor bedroom and most all of the doors were painted by itinerant artist Robert Knox, circa 1906. Oral history dictates that Mr. Knox was an alcoholic, and as such, Mrs. Isabelle Thomas took it upon herself to lock Mr. Knox in a room that was to be painted so that he may complete the task without drinking a drop.

Most all of the original painted surfaces remain in good condition, save for some cracking plaster. This may be the result of many year of restricted access as Mrs. Isabelle Thomas did not permit her children to enter the parlour, the dining room or the first and second floor hallways.

The children entered the home via the back entrance and were only permitted in the kitchen and bedrooms. Most of the painted surfaces are original, save for the dining room walls, the mock fireboard and some small areas in the first floor hall where Mrs. Lowe has attempted to fill cracks with matching model paint.



Property Type:

Herititage Designation:

Reason(s) for Designation: 

Mrs. Lowe didn't not want Heritage Designation for her property as she wished to maintain the freedom to add to or repair the exterior of the home.


Construction Details: 
Construction Date: ??-??-1905 Builder Name: Elam Thomas
Current Owner: 
Barbara Lowe