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Swansburg residence

Swansburg residence

Though the exact year of construction is unknown, the house is thought to be about 200 years old. The current owner found a variety of charcoal drawings on wall after removing nine layers of blood paint. Depicted are several gentlemen in frock coats and tall hats and a witch-like woman with a wart. Another drawing of a man who appears to be the woman's counterpart was found on the underside of shingles removed from the roof. The shingles are currently stored in the barn. The house was likely built by a member of the Swansburg family, an immigrant family that changed it's name from Schweintzburg upon arrival in Canada. Current owners suspect the drawing are of German ancestors. All the drawing were recently traced over in ink to prevent the charcoal from fading due to exposure.

Little Harbour


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Wanda & Roger Swansburg