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Densmore Summer Residence

Densmore Summer Residence

The Densmore's summer home, which features historical decoratively painted surfaces, was built by an unknown Loyalist man. The foundation is dated 1750 but it is believed that the remainder of the home was constructed sometime in the 1830s. The house features a hallway dressed with faux stone work and marbleization. Unfortunately, Mrs. Densmore wallpapered over the artwork in 1978. She described the condition of the painted surfaces as being "too dingy for her taste". As of recent, some sections of the painted hallway are becoming visible as the aged wallpaper has begun to peel and lift from the wall. In addition, the hall is adorned with wood grained baseboards and doors. This type of wood grain imitation can also be found in the three bedrooms. Mrs. Densmore is currently considering painting the woodwork white to "freshen up" her home. The main parlour of the home houses a decoratively painted mantel with stylized designs in gold.

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Construction Details: 
Builder Name: Loyalist
Current Owner: 
Janet Densmore