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Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Church

Sacred Heart Roman Catholic Church was built atop a hill overlooking Bras D’Or Lake in 1891. It opened its doors to local Christians on November 8 of the same year. Two local painters, both unknown, painted the interior walls and ceiling sometime in the 1940s. The arched ceiling is adorned with oval medallions depicting various church symbols such as the chalice and the cross. The entire ceiling is decorated with a stylized border painted in a light pink hue. (Oil on plaster). The wall behind the altar features a light blue mural representing a heavenly scene with two angels sounding trumpets while the back sanctuary hosts a shrine with a painting of a lamenting Christ. (Oil on wood.) The church also houses 10 marbleized columns, dark brown with buff veins, which run the length of the central nave. The painted surfaces are all in good condition and have never been retouched.



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15338 East Bay Hwy Johnstown Nova Scotia
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Latitude: 45.8194 Longitude: -60.672

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Diocese of Antigonish Roman Catholic