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St. Andrew's Anglican Church

St. Andrew's Anglican Church

Catalogue info: St. Andrew's Church was built by contrator Joseph Taylor and decorated by F. W. Dakin, both from nearby Windsor, NS. The building was completed on November 26th, 1890. The church hosts stencilled organ pipes (oil on lead c.1890) by an unknown artist. The original three-manual instrument had these stencilled lead pipes; the maker is unknown. When the organ was later replaced with an electric Baldwin, the stencilled pipes were retained. Also found in the church were two paintings on wood, painted by George Lyons (c.1900). One depicts the Ascension, the other, shepherds and the star in the East. Both had trompe l'oeil frames in grisaille.




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Construction Date: ??-??-1890 Builder Name: Joseph Taylor
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Anglican Diocese of Nova Scotia