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Hants County

Hants County

Mingo Residence

This home features painted wood graining on doors, windows and baseboards in the front hall and second floor hall.

United Church

Wall near stairs features painted marbleization and decorative scrolls. The artwork once adorned the entire church. Unfortunately, most all of the painted surfaces were removed and/or worked over due to their poor condition. The painted wall that remain is in great need of conservation. Parishioners: Sheila and Neil Robart (902) 757-3211.

Johnson residence

George Johnson's family owns the old farmhouse. His maternal grandfather painted multiple doors, door frames, knobs and some window frames in a wood grain. The house, complete with an earth basement, is currently unoccupied because the structure is slowly collapsing. Mr. Johnson wants to remove some of these doors before the building is completely destroyed.

Hantsport Memorial Centre

Hantsport Memorial Community Centre -Churchill House - BasementThis house was built shortly after shipbuilder Ezra Churchill sold the land to his son, John Wylie Churchill, in 1860. The house was a wedding present for his son. The younger Churchill lived there with his wife Mary and two daughters Violet and Laura until he died.

Connely Residence

Catalogue info: The house was built in 1894 for Rufus Curry a shipbuilder and Mayor of Windsor from 1899-1900. It is a lavish Italiante construction. The home features a free-hand wall frieze (oil on plaster), raised and painted stuccowork (oil and stucco on plaster), and free-hand walls (oil and stucco on plaster). The artwork was created by George Lyons in 1895

Hantsport Centre

Hantsport Memorial Community Centre

St. Andrew's Anglican Church

Catalogue info: St. Andrew's Church was built by contrator Joseph Taylor and decorated by F. W. Dakin, both from nearby Windsor, NS. The building was completed on November 26th, 1890. The church hosts stencilled organ pipes (oil on lead c.1890) by an unknown artist. The original three-manual instrument had these stencilled lead pipes; the maker is unknown.

G. Mounce Residence

Catalogue info: The house was built in 1865 for Captain George Mounce. The fine structure with pillared portico stands in a terraced garden and is testimony to more prosperous days in Avondale (Newport Landing) when ships were built and gypsum mined and sent to Boston and Philadelphia. Captain Mounce had two sons, Tom and Ralp.

Falmouth Baptist Church

Catalogue info: The first Falmouth Baptist Church was constituted in 1830, when a group of members from the Windsor Baptist Church organized a church in Falmouth. Construction was completed in 1831. In 1862 the Falmouth Baptist Church congregation discussed building a larger church to accommodate its expansion.

Creighton Residence

Home of Norman Creighton. Paintings circa 1890-1900 by Mrs. Caroline Scammen Elder. Mrs. Elder had studied art in Boston, USA. Catalogue Info: The Elder family immigrated to Nova Scotia from County Donegal, Ireland, about 1780. William Elder, third generation Canadian, studied at Harvard University and later taught geology and chemistry at Colby College in Maine.


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