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The Clockmaker's Inn

The house was built by Robert Caravan for Rufus Curry in 1894. Curry bought the land from local farmer Martin Gay Allison for $4,000. There were two small houses already on the property so Curry hired eight teams of oxen to move them to other parts of the town where they still stand today. The new Curry house was built in the Second Empire (French) style at a cost of $29,000.

The Hillsdale House

The 25 room Italiante mansion known as the Hillsdale House was built in 1859 for Susan Forbes Foster on land that had been the exercising ground for the garrison.

Margaree Inn

Margaree River View Inn (formerly Margaree Lodge): The Riverview Inn property features a small Gothic house to the far right of the land built by Sam Campbell, a former prominent landowner in the Margarees. Mr. Campbell moved from Mabou to Margaree in 1836 but it’s unlikely the house was built before 1850.

Compass Rose Restaurant

This house was built in 1825 for a sea captain. In 1851 it was purchased by W.N. Zwicker and remained in the family until 1974. It then operated as an antique shop and a private home until 1983 when it was sold and became the Compass Rose Restaurant. Marbleized Arch, first floor, hallway, 1825, artist unknown, oil on wood.

Blomidon Lodge/Inn

Built in 1880 for Rufus Burgess Senior, a shipbuilder. The stairs and banister are of made of Mahogany from Honduras. There is a painting of a shipwreck under the mouth of the stairs. Rufus Junior lost the property in a poker game to a Mr. Harris. The lodge is now an Inn.

Annandale (Rest Home)

The construction of the property began in 1802 by builder Daniel de Wolfe, son of Gabriel de Wolfe, a planter who arrived in Nova Scotia in 1764. Note: the construction date of the home is listed as 1802-1839.

Daniel, a notable citizen of Wolfville, married Mary Anne Pryor and together the couple raised 16 children in the home.

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