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Lunenburg County

Lunenburg County

Steeves Residence

The home is approximately 200 years old. The age of the painted hutch is unknown. The current owners, The Steeves, believe that it was coloured with natural dyes and stained. The couple were sanding down the hutch's surface in order to repaint it. Under many accumulated layers of paint they found the original stained surface.

Bruhm Residence

The house was built sometime between 1830-1840. The house was put on a new foundation. There are examples of wood graining in the parlour. Similar graining can also be found in the United Church. Stencils were used to decoratively paint the mantel. The house is unaltered (c.1979).

Huntington Residence

Chris Huntington's home. Parlour has original paint. Lunenburg County front door. In March 2007 Mr. Hintington hosted an auction where he sold most of his antique furniture and painted pieces. There is no longer any original painted surfaces or painted furniture in the home.

St. John's Anglican Church

St. John's Anglican Church is the second oldest Anglican Church in Canada. This 'Carpenter Gothic' church, originally a Georgian style building, was built in 1754 when the Lords of Trade and Plantations (British colonial government administrators) granted 476 Pounds for its construction. The timbers arrived from Boston on an anon of war. The builder was Conrad Lord, son of U.E Loyalist.

Young House

The late Victorian home was built in 1876 by Alexander Silver Senior. It is speculated that the house may have been constructed as a wedding gift for Mr. Silver's son. Nevertheless, for the next 34 years or so the home would see many different owners.


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