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G. Mounce Residence

G. Mounce Residence

Catalogue info: The house was built in 1865 for Captain George Mounce. The fine structure with pillared portico stands in a terraced garden and is testimony to more prosperous days in Avondale (Newport Landing) when ships were built and gypsum mined and sent to Boston and Philadelphia. Captain Mounce had two sons, Tom and Ralp. Ownership of this house was transferred to his son Ralph and later to Ralph's son George. The home features painted stuccowork, a stencilled ceiling, a stencilled and free-hand ceiling, and a free hand wall frieze (c. 1885) The work was done by artist George Lyons. The decorated walls were originally the same dark green Lyons used in the Hantsport house. The upstairs bedrooms have swags of roses, a pattern Lyons repeated many times. George Lyons also decorated a near by home in Newport which is also in the Mounce family.

Newport Landing



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Construction Date: 1865
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George Mounce