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Creighton Residence

Creighton Residence

Home of Norman Creighton. Paintings circa 1890-1900 by Mrs. Caroline Scammen Elder. Mrs. Elder had studied art in Boston, USA. Catalogue Info: The Elder family immigrated to Nova Scotia from County Donegal, Ireland, about 1780. William Elder, third generation Canadian, studied at Harvard University and later taught geology and chemistry at Colby College in Maine.

In 1879 he married Caroline Scammen of Waterville, Mainewho had had formal art training in Boston. He later taught at Acadia University. The house features a free-hand mantelpiece (oil on wood c.1890) by Mrs Caroline Scammen Elder. This mantelpiece is divided into two vertical panels reflecting the Art Nouveau style, and five horizontal panels of a style reminiscent of John Hammond and the Hague School.

Is is believed that Mrs. Elder bought the wooden mantelpiece in Boston, painted it in Hantsport, and then mounted it on the wall in its present location.




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Norman Creighton