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Digby County

Digby County

United Baptist Church

Church houses marbleized columns. Dorothy Outhouse (902) 839-2068

St. Mary's Church

St. Mary's Church (Eglise Ste. Marie)

Simmons Residence

Mr. Kerry Simmons purchased the Bear River home in 1979. At this time most of the painted surfaces which adorned the home were covered over but Mr. Simmons recalls seeing the room's original artwork as a visitor. To date, only one small section of the artwork is exposed. Mr. Simmons estimates that the artwork was created sometime between 1826-1840. The artist remains unknown.

St. Alphonse de Clare

St. Alphonse de Clare Roman Catholic Church

Maude Lewis residence

Catalogue info: The house is now on permanent loan to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia following acquisition by the Province of Nova Scotia for the Heritage collection. Free-hand door, inside front door circa 1938 by Maud(e) Lewis. Oil on wood. Conservation Treatment: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Maud(e) Dowley was born in Ohio, Yarmouth County, in 1903 where her father was a harness maker.

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