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Private Residence

Private Residence

Maude Lewis residence

Catalogue info: The house is now on permanent loan to the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia following acquisition by the Province of Nova Scotia for the Heritage collection. Free-hand door, inside front door circa 1938 by Maud(e) Lewis. Oil on wood. Conservation Treatment: Art Gallery of Nova Scotia Maud(e) Dowley was born in Ohio, Yarmouth County, in 1903 where her father was a harness maker.

MacNamara residence

Catalogue info: Following the removal of the murals in the 1970s by the local historical society, the house burned to the ground. Mural in the kitchen circa 1930, oil on wood. This is one of a set of seven murals that Peter Cass painted on the kitchen walls for his friends the MacNamaras. Cass was an itinerant artist about whom little is known.

Starratt residence

Catalogue info: the house was built by Reuben Starratt (b. 1849), father-in-law of the present owner. Murals (two), Haven of Rest and one untitled in the first-floor hallway, oil on plaster. Mural Dearest Spot on Earth, first-floor hallway, oil on paper applied directly to the wall. Artist Ed Siske (b. 1880) circa 1925.

Mosely Residence

Catalogue info: Free-hand wall frieze left front room on the first floor painted by John Oswald Johnson (circa 1880-1964), 1912-13. Oil on plaster. John Oswald Johnson was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne circa 1880. He attended a school for commerical art and design, winning a national medal for success in art.

McIntosh Residence

Catalogue info: The house was built in 1903 for Captain Alexander Isaac Young (1857-1925) and his wife Henrietta Letitia. The house was owned by the Young family until 1985. Stencilled ceiling and free-hand mock fireboard in the left front room of the first floor, artist unknown, 1903. Oil on plaster.

Hatfield Residence

This home features wood grained doors (oil on wood) in the first floor hallway which were painted by Melbourne Surette (1870-1960) circa 1900. The three hallway doors are decorated in dark yellow (panels) and dark maroon (frame and door frame). The free-hand ceiling (oil on tin) in the left back room on the first floor was also painted by Surette circa 1900.

Creery residence

Catalogue info: House built in 1899 for Charles Langille then passed to his son Russell (1903-1982).

Perry Residence

Catalogue info: In 1880 William Allan Perry had this vernacular neo-gothic house built, and sold it to Wylie Perry in either 1924 of 1926. Originally on the first floor the house had a parlour with a kitchen behind it. Later owners have added a bedroom and bathroom. The house hosts a free-hand painted ceiling and a stencilled ceiling (oil on plaster c.1900). The artwork is attributed to a Mr.

Connely Residence

Catalogue info: The house was built in 1894 for Rufus Curry a shipbuilder and Mayor of Windsor from 1899-1900. It is a lavish Italiante construction. The home features a free-hand wall frieze (oil on plaster), raised and painted stuccowork (oil and stucco on plaster), and free-hand walls (oil and stucco on plaster). The artwork was created by George Lyons in 1895

Benson Residence

Catalogue info: The house, known as the Churhill Mansion, was built in the 1890s for Captain Aaron Churchill. Free-hand and stencilled walls and ceilings(oil on plaster), attributed to James Murphy (b.1870) adorn the front porch of the home. James Murphy is known to have done decorative interior painting in the Yarmouth area.


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