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Parsons residence

Parsons residence

This mid-19th century farmhouse features painted wood grain on mouldings as well as on door frames in both the upper and lower halls of the home. The house has undergone several renovations but none of the painted surfaces have been altered. The earliest known deed for the house dates to 1889. Current owner Gwen Huey Parsons's parents bought the house in 1941 from Percy Hamilton, grandson of the original owner Harold Hamiltion. Percy Hamilton owned Hamilton Auto Parts in the nearby town. Harold Hamilton bought the 60-acre property in pieces from several different landowners and built on the main piece, overlooking the lake. Some of the land had been used for farming while some land was utilized as a woodlot. Hamilton sold ice, milk, eggs and produce to cottagers in the area. Parsons returned to her childhood home in 1992.

Lake Annis


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Gwen Huey Parsons