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Cumberland County

Cumberland County

Mosely Residence

Catalogue info: Free-hand wall frieze left front room on the first floor painted by John Oswald Johnson (circa 1880-1964), 1912-13. Oil on plaster. John Oswald Johnson was born in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne circa 1880. He attended a school for commerical art and design, winning a national medal for success in art.

Moffat House

Catalogue info: The house was built in 1881 for a Mr. Moffatt who was in the moving business. He remained a bachelor, and upon his death in 1922 the house was sold, remaining empty until 1923 when purchased by a Mr. Barnes. Barnes was a blind piano tuner wishing to relocate in amherst from Newfoundland. On Mr.

Wilson Residence

The painted surfaces in the home have been painted over (c. 1980). The original artwork was in a state of decay. The current owners, The Wilsons, could not afford to restore the paintings. The faux stone and marbleized arches on the first and second floor hall were originally painted by artist Ripley.

Orr Residence

House features two painted surfaces. The painted horse is in the living room and the painted ship is in the corridor. Both were painted by itinerant artist, Irishman Charlie Doyle, circa 1907.

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