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Goat Lake Farm

Goat Lake Farm

The Goat Lake Farm house was built in 1909 and the current owners Mickie and Martin Rudy Haase moved to the property in 1969 from Maine, US. Mr. Haase, an untrained artist, painted a mural (acrylic on plaster) in his son Leif’s bedroom in 1969. The mural, which measures 10’ 5” x 6’, depicts the view from their home as it would have appeared in the late 1960s. Figured in the scene are the knoll and apple trees in their backyard, the original barn on their land (still standing), the CN rail road with coach and cargo train cars, Haase’s ketch ‘Diabless‘, his son Leif fishing and a large palm tree with a rendition of the character Curious George. Mr. Haase decided to paint the mural after his son was devastated at the loss of a mural of Curious George in the first floor living room. Mr. Haase allowed his son to participate in the creation of the mural, prompting and aiding him to paint some of the trees figured in the background. In addition, Rudy also painted an imagined Austrian scene in his bedroom in 1978. The painting was a surprise gift for his wife, who was away in Austria at the time. Similar is style to the first mural, this second landscape scene (acrylic on plaster) was imagined as a painted headboard for the couple’s bed. The 4’ 5” x 6’ 3” mural was adorned with a 2” thick wooden frame.

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Construction Date: ??-??-1909
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Martin and Mickie Haase