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Carrigan Residence

Carrigan Residence

This 19th century 5 bedroom home features 4 original mantels which host the decorative artwork of an unknown itinerant painter. The current owner, Owen Carrigan, moved in the house in 1979. He purchased the home from a firm that had divided the home in order to house multiple students that attended the nearby university. Much work was needed to restore the house to its original state. One of Mr. Carrigan’s tasks included the stripping of all 4 fire place mantels, one in the office, one in the dining room and two in the upstairs bedrooms. Upon doing so, Mr. Carrigan discovered what he then believed to be marble inlays in all the mantles original designs. Upon closer inspection, he realized that the inlays were actually painted to resemble marble (oil on slate). By inspecting the mantels further, the evidence of a subtle marbleization (buff on black) over the entire surfaces can be seen. In addition, the remnants of gold leaf decorum can be found in the carved line work of all four mantels.



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Owen Carrigan