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Bedard Residence

Bedard Residence

In 1863 Captain Francis Glawson purchased 25 acres of land on the Port Dufferin Mines Road. The house was more then likely constructed shortly after after this acquisition.

The wall painting was done by Robert Brian Henry (1834-1911) a native Irishman who immigrated to Nova Scotia during the Crimean War (1854-56). Mr. Henry was a decorator, a wood carver and a musician. He carved the altars for the churches in Quoddy and Chezzetcook, NS.

Mr. Henry was burried in Italy (pool Tangier?) Mrs. Bedard, the current owner, is Robert Henry's great grand daughter.

The painted decorations in the home include a marbleized mantelpiece and grained mantel(oil on wood) with a free-hand painted mock fireboard (oil on plaster). These were done circa 1875. There was also a painted depiction of a lion on the kitchen wall which has since been worked over.

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Mr. and Mrs. Donald Bedard