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Queens County

Queens County

Tutty Residence

Catalogue info: This house was built in 1796 by Elisha Calkin and has changed hands only twice (as of 1986). The home features stencilled and free-hand walls (oil on plaster c.1860). Then stencilling and striping simulates raised panelling, a successful attempt at 'trompe l’oeil' painting. Unfortunately, the painted surfaces have been over-papered.

Freeman House

Freeman House (Sinclair Residence): This gothic revival home, complete with Mersey River pointed-arch windows and a steep gable, was constructed circa 1850.

Pottie Home

Home has seven original wood grain painted doors: front door, two living room doors and four bedroom doors. The owner, Mrs. Jan Pottie, believes they were all painted in the early 1900's and certainly before 1920.

Ditchoff Home

The property is divided between the "old section" or original section which was built somewhere between 1830-1860 by the Nauglers.

The "new section" or addition was built on by the Nauglers sons. This section was constructed in the Queen Anne style circa 1860-1890.

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