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Colchester County

Colchester County

Bentley/McLane Residence

This 1850s home houses painted stencil work in the main parlour. The artwork was discovered by the current owners under several layers of wallpaper. Wild Caraway, a restaurant nearby, has very similar painted surfaces.

Starratt residence

Catalogue info: the house was built by Reuben Starratt (b. 1849), father-in-law of the present owner. Murals (two), Haven of Rest and one untitled in the first-floor hallway, oil on plaster. Mural Dearest Spot on Earth, first-floor hallway, oil on paper applied directly to the wall. Artist Ed Siske (b. 1880) circa 1925.

McNutt Residence

Catalogue info: The house was built in 1890 for Captain Patrick Mockler (1838-1930). Inside, a stencilled and free-hand wall and ceiling frieze (oil on plaster c.1890) can be found in the first floor hallway. The decoration was revealed when wallpaper was stripped. The frieze, below the chair-rail, is a pattern reminiscent of a textile design.

Morrison Residence

Catalogue info: This home features woodgrained doors(oil on wood) dating back to 1885. The three doors with arched panels are grained in dark brown and a dark yellow. The mantel, now over-painted, was painted a mustard yellow and marbleized. The artist is unknown.

St. James United Church

Catalogue info: On December 11th, 1882 the Presbyterian church in Great Village burned down. A week later the congregation decided to rebuild. The new church had free-hand painted walls along its nave and chancel (oil on plaster c.1883) Plastered cement walls are painted to imitate stone blocks and are the only example of painted stone jointing found to date.

Carter Residence

Carter Residence and Community Centre: This historic 1820 country house has remained in the Carter family for over 150 years.

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