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Floraburn Farms

Floraburn Farms

This 19th-century “L” shaped farmhouse was built by Archie McFee for Wentworth and Sarah Taylor. In 1946, Donald MacMillan Sr. bought the house from Alexander Stirling MacMillan, Nova Scotia premier from 1940 to 1945, for $2,300. His son Donald and his wife Marlene bought the property in 1972. The parlour still houses one of the former premier’s mahogany couches. The parlour mantle is marbleized white and blue with gold veins (oil on wood). Four doors in the house and the front staircase are painted in faux wood grain. Oral history tells us the work was done by a painter name T.W. Smith, who is said to have painted several other houses in the area in similar motifs, He likely came from Boston but little is known about his life. The parlour ceiling in the MacMillan house used to have blue and white medallions painted in the corners but the previous owners painted over them.

Upper South River


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Construction Details: 
Builder Name: Archie McFee
Current Owner: 
Donald and Marlene MacMillan