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Guysborough County

Guysborough County

St. Peter's Parish Hall

Built in 1954, St Peter’s Parish Hall features a painted mural depicting the local landscape. The work was painted by local artist Thomas Gerrior. The mural adorns the wall directly behind the stage and was painted in house paint over five plywood panels. The current painting covers the original mural, painted earlier by the same artist and covered up when the wall was replaced.

Oakley residence

This modest cottage was built in 1930 by its first occupant, Thomas Daniel Gerrior. Mr. Gerrior’s immediate family aided in the construction process and, subsequently, all 9 family members inhabited the small two bedroom home. Upon Mr. Gerrior’s passing in 1995, his brother, John Sylvester Gerrior, purchased the property on Gerrior Road.

Lomas-Anderson Residence

The house was constructed in August 1898 by a local builder from Senora for a Mr. John Hugh MacDonald. When Mr. MacDonald passed away the property remained vacant for many years.

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